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Bread and Roses

Justice for JanitorsLeft in an emotional chaos after watching Bread and Roses. The movie is based on a well-known campaign, Justice for Janitors, where janitor-workers fought for their rights in Los Angeles in the late eighties. During the film, we really get to know the workers, we witness some of the results of their fight, but also the enormous losses of it. Many of the janitors in the movie are illegal immigrants, and you really get into their hopeless situation. The enormous socioeconomic difference between them and the people working in the buildings they clean leaves a really bad feeling in you. It’s been years since last time I cried of a movie… but it also made me laugh!

Sadly, information from SEIU, a large union for janitors and other workers, indicate that the fight isn’t over in USA even today. Progress is made, but many workers are still exploited.


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