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Send me a sms.. eh mail..

It’s been a time since I’ve discovered that leaving e-mail addresses on the web wasn’t such a good idea. In the past I’ve been playing a little around with TM4Bs SMS-API – and I’ve now found the ultimate solution to this problem! I’ve registered a free keyword, so if you want to send me a mail, you can instead send a sms starting with the keyword to +447624809170 – and it arrives in my mailbox in seconds! Ah, wonderful technology 🙂 You pay the normal fee of sending a sms to UK and it’s free for me. Come on – you can do it!

Well, the main purpose of TM4B is probably sending sms from the web, which is of course not free. Sending a sms to Norway costs 0.034 GBP, or around 0,4 NOK. Not overwhelming cheap, but not very bad either. The best part is, however, how easy it is to get it to work with your own site. Registering and buying credits took no time. The API is very well documented, so in a half hour or so I had written my very own web-based SMS engine, capable of sending group messages. I could choose my own sender name and get delivery reports back to my site. Amazing…


Comments on: "Send me a sms.. eh mail.." (2)

  1. When you say TM4B, I assume you are talking about the TM4B Bulk SMS Gateway! If so, how has your experience with them been?

  2. Correct Asad! My experience is good. No problems with them so far 🙂

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