Not a blog about the science or practice of travel through books, but perhaps rather about science, practice and travel through books.

I like to think that I care more about the environment (and other important stuff) than about myself, although I admit it’s probably not the real, deep truth. Well, at least getting my hair trimmed is something I tend to forget. A week or so ago I discovered that it really was in need to be done soon. Then on thursday I heard some good news: Huldra, the first ecological hairdresser in Bergen has just established. That made the choice of hairdresser easy. Even though a normal haircut can’t really be ecological, I really love to support such a project. It’s not everyday you can get good conscience by going to a hairdresser!

So what is an ecological hairdresser? Basically, they avoid the use of hairproducts with certain chemicals known to damage either people or the environment. On their homepage they’ve made a list of chemicals to avoid. As a chemistry student I love most chemicals, but I also see it very clear that many of them really shouldn’t leave the lab. Of them are many found in haircolouring and other cosmetic products. In fact I’m happy to be a boy without the big need for cosmetics. I’m really not jealous on you girls! Well, enough about that. I’m satisfied with my haircut and I’m quite sure I will go there again.

Do you want this sweety in your hair?


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