Not a blog about the science or practice of travel through books, but perhaps rather about science, practice and travel through books.

Where to get your timber?

Let’s say you need to import timber for some reason. Although there are a lot of timber in Norway too, there are not very many species, so certainly some branches need to import their timber. Well, where should you import it from? From one of the few remaining rainforests that contains the largest biodiversity on the planet? Hmm… is that a good idea? Well, so you just decided to import your timber from a rainforest because you had to have that color (and you couldn’t fix it with funny chemicals :)). So what rainforest do you choose? Maybe that in Burma? Hmm.. is that a good idea? The military dictatorship there has monopol on selling rainforest timber, so that means you don’t just destroy the rainforest, but you also support a military dictatorship. That’s killing two birds with one stone, you might think – if you are one of the Norwegian companies that import rainforest timber from Burma… or probably you didn’t think?


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