Not a blog about the science or practice of travel through books, but perhaps rather about science, practice and travel through books.

My pomegranate man

Awwh, my Israeli boycott just went to the board as I bought Ayelett Rose Gottlieb’s “Upto Here  from Here”. True, boycott is a complicated action sometimes. Never would I burn an Israeli book, never would I destroy an Israeli record. But should I buy them? Will it matter if I cease from buying Israeli oranges? Why oranges, not records and books? Of course building impermeable walls between people do no good, and I do think music is one of those holes in the walls we can use to connect. On the other hand, I had more mixed feelings buying Brandon and Kaplan’s materials science textbook, both authors from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, knowing the importance of materials science to military technology… oh well, I bought it… But I try to retain my boycott to some extent.. not buying those oranges

My pomegranate man, he’s my antioxidant, his juices are so bitter-sweet. Eat him in scoops or grain by grain? We’ll see, depending on the moment’s beat.


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