Not a blog about the science or practice of travel through books, but perhaps rather about science, practice and travel through books.

Reading about the Web of Science innovation challenge, I was inspired to check out the API which the challenge is all about, since honestly I didn’t know WoS had a API. But absolutely no information about it was available without registering as a “Solver”. So I registered, just to discover that I would only obtain access to the API for the duration of the challenge, and “for the sole purpose of participating in the InnoCentive Challenge”. Oh Goodness.

I found another place to register, but:

We are currently processing your request, and will contact you within two business days with a response

So I had a look at Scopus. Turns out they have an API too. But according to their content policies:

The client application needs to honor the HTML rendering imposed by the JavaScript API, such as styling and branding of the results, and the links leading back to Scopus records.

I don’t remember exactly when I gave up, but I did. I will probably try again another day.


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