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Cycling on the lawn

The next big thing..? Very eco-friendly:


The creator is unknown..


The monkey ring

I found this wonderful interpretation of a benzene ring from Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments on Carbon-based Curiosities:

Monkey benzene ring

The monkeys are carbon and the bananas hydrogen. The monkeys who hold both feet of another monkey represents double bonds.

A single tin of paint…

… or a single can of dissolvent can pollute millions of litres of water. Effective message from the World Wildlife Fund:


Via Sensibilid (where one more ad from Tokyo is shown). Norwegians wondering what to do with their paint remnants should check out this recycling guide.

Through time

The American photographer Noah Kalina has taken a picture of himself every day for the past seven years. I think that’s the most narcissistic art project I’ve heard of, but no matter, the video he has composed from some of the images from the first six years is really hypnotic to watch. And you can see his face ages…