Not a blog about the science or practice of travel through books, but perhaps rather about science, practice and travel through books.

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Hello WordPress!

My not-so-active blog is still alive and has found a new home here at, so for the future I don’t have to manage updates myself. Surpisingly, I was even able to move the posts from their old home in a really simple way! Now, with a new home, I thought I should come up with a new name for the blog as well. Inspired by astronaut / cosmonaut (космонавт), derived from the Greek words ἂστρον (star), κὀσμος (universe) and ναύτης (sailor), I came up with Biblionaut – a sailor or traveller in books. Since Biblionaut was already taken, I ended up with Biblionautics, meaning something like the science or practice of book travelling. New words are fun, but does this new name mean I will from now on write about the science or practice of book travelling? Well, no, but it’s not unlikely that I will write about travels in both science and books… If I remember to write at all that is 🙂 Anyway, welcome to Biblionautics!