Not a blog about the science or practice of travel through books, but perhaps rather about science, practice and travel through books.

The free particle

With no external forces acting upon me, will I simply continue along my linear trajectory, not getting to know any of the complex patterns that is life? Am I just a free particle, or can I change myself by my own force? The act of lifting yourself seems incomprehensible, out of reach of my understanding, yet within the borders of hope.


My pomegranate man

Awwh, my Israeli boycott just went to the board as I bought Ayelett Rose Gottlieb’s “Upto Here  from Here”. True, boycott is a complicated action sometimes. Never would I burn an Israeli book, never would I destroy an Israeli record. But should I buy them? Will it matter if I cease from buying Israeli oranges? Why oranges, not records and books? Of course building impermeable walls between people do no good, and I do think music is one of those holes in the walls we can use to connect. On the other hand, I had more mixed feelings buying Brandon and Kaplan’s materials science textbook, both authors from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, knowing the importance of materials science to military technology… oh well, I bought it… But I try to retain my boycott to some extent.. not buying those oranges

My pomegranate man, he’s my antioxidant, his juices are so bitter-sweet. Eat him in scoops or grain by grain? We’ll see, depending on the moment’s beat.

Pause for poesi 1

Noen ganger må en følge omveiene for å forstå. Ofte må en følge omveiene for å forstå. Men det er så lett å gå seg vill på omveiene, aldri komme frem noe sted eller komme frem et sted en ikke forstår eller ser meningen med. Og så lurer en på om det var lurt å følge den veien eller ikke. Slik er det å skrive masteroppgave.

De långa omvägarna

Varför kan jag inte gå rakt
från utgångspunkt til slutpunkt?

Jag går i circel
forsök efter forsök
misstag efter misstag

Fast –
hur skulle jag annars
komma till insikt?

Jag skördar ju hela tiden
sådd efter sådd
min egen
den som skall föda mig
när eller förtära

Gunnvor Javén

My not-so-active blog is still alive and has found a new home here at, so for the future I don’t have to manage updates myself. Surpisingly, I was even able to move the posts from their old home in a really simple way! Now, with a new home, I thought I should come up with a new name for the blog as well. Inspired by astronaut / cosmonaut (космонавт), derived from the Greek words ἂστρον (star), κὀσμος (universe) and ναύτης (sailor), I came up with Biblionaut – a sailor or traveller in books. Since Biblionaut was already taken, I ended up with Biblionautics, meaning something like the science or practice of book travelling. New words are fun, but does this new name mean I will from now on write about the science or practice of book travelling? Well, no, but it’s not unlikely that I will write about travels in both science and books… If I remember to write at all that is 🙂 Anyway, welcome to Biblionautics!

Cycling on the lawn

The next big thing..? Very eco-friendly:


The creator is unknown..

First week in Cape Town

We arrived Cape Town one week ago after 18 hours in the air / on airports (yeah, I did pay the carbon tax). We started by a short two-day “holiday” on Cape Standard, a very charming hotel in Green Point. A five-minute walk lead us the fantastic coast of Cape Town with large waves pounding the clips, and we didn’t care that it rained cats and dogs. Some more minutes walk lead us to Waterfront – a harbor area with restaurants, shopping centers and a cinema. By luck, we reached the last days of the documentary festival Encounters.

Thursday we moved into our home for this semester, a charming (but poorly isolated..) house in Observatory near the Devil’s Peak mountain. We share it with three Americans attending courses at the University of Cape Town, which is located quite near. It turned out that getting to the University of the Western Cape at first was a little more difficult. The first day I used almost 2 hours to get there, but now I’ve found a bus route that runs at about 1 hour including some minutes walk and a short minibus ride. Saturday we went to DMC Dj Championships at Fiction, a cool bar at Long Street. The DJs were so talented that it was real fun! Monday the classes started at my university, which by the way has a really fascinating history as the “black” university fighting towards democracy under apartheid. I like Cape Town very good so far and I’m looking forward to what this semester will bring.

I got sick on Thursday and the cough is making it difficult both to sleep and attending lectures. And my voice sounds like it belongs to a 80 year old man. Conventional cough medicine is probably not more effective than placebo. But there is a much better solution… theobromine, found in chocolate – according to a peer-reviewed article by Usmani et al. Good news for all chocolate lovers!