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Wikipedia in China

Ibsen in ChineseThe blocking of Wikipedia in China seems to be history! Andrew Lih brings this good news for the chinese internet community. For long time, the Chinese government has been very hard on community-contributing or community-driven websites (“read-write-sites”). Beeing active in a local Amnesty-group some years ago, I remember we worked with a case where a young man was detained for several years without a sentence. The reason was his website. The main content on the site was not problematic, but he was held responsible for a comment, where a guest mentioned the 1989-massacre. In other words, including open comment-fields on your website in China is dangerous, and then, what about leaving the whole website open for editing by anyone (like Wikipedia)? Keeping that in mind, it will be interesting to see what is written about Chinese history in Chinese Wikipedia (well, at least it would be if I understood Chinese).

By the way.. Who would guess that the Chinese article about Henrik Ibsen is almost as long as the Norwegian one? And that Chinese Wikipedia includes a long article about my hometown Bergen? Wikipedia is truly fascinating.. 🙂