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Answer that phone

When I see ads like this I’m glad I live in Norway after all:

There is also a hilarious parody around. But wait, is the White House the only place the phone is calling at night..? It’s also calling at the lab


City noise

by:Larm (directly translated as city noise) was arranged in Oslo last weekend. With around 190 concerts in 3 days the biggest challenge was of course to choose where to go. Some quite different highlights were Bladed, Haddy N’jie, Alog, Wild Birds and Peace Drums, Susanna, Binärpilot, Casiokids and Sunjammer, who’ve produced this sweet music video:

Through time

The American photographer Noah Kalina has taken a picture of himself every day for the past seven years. I think that’s the most narcissistic art project I’ve heard of, but no matter, the video he has composed from some of the images from the first six years is really hypnotic to watch. And you can see his face ages…

Are we that different?

I’m quite tired about the use of culture and ethnicity as dividing factors between human groups. There are no such thing as «clash of civilizations» or «axes of evil». And it’s way too simple to use culture as an explanation for cruel acts. We are all human beings, and even though we get very different initial conditions for our lives, we are not that different when it all comes together. Avaaz has made a brillliant video and a petition for real middle east talks. Watch the video and sign the petition: